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There are nearly thirty million in this worldwide with Diabetes who require a consistent supply of test strips, lancets and other testing products to effectively monitor their blood-sugar level. Artificially inflated retail prices prevent millions of uninsured diabetics from monitoring on a regular basis, leading to serious health complications.

Meanwhile, millions of boxes are thrown away each month simply because most people don’t realize it’s legal to resell unused prescription testing supplies.

Our goal is to purchase as many of these boxes as possible. As our message spreads and more boxes of unused test strips are recycled, a sustainable system can be created where everyone benefits. Those individuals with extra boxes to sell are paid within 24 hours, while the boxes themselves are sold for up to 85% less than retail costs to those who need them.

A portion of the funds made from the sale of these products are donated to organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and Wounded Warrior Project.